Published On: 12/15/2023Categories: Uncategorized1.1 min read

As part of the MY-FI project, SPIN360 is conducting an environmental impact assessment on the most promising post-processing recipes for mycelium-based materials produced by project partners. This assessment covers both raw mycelium materials and post-processing treatments, utilizing the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method, which considers 16 impact categories outlined in the EF 3.1 methodology recommended by the Joint Research Center and the European Commission.

In the context of mycelium-based materials developed within the MY-FI project, the application of LCA is particularly valuable for evaluating the impact of various processes and recipes. Conducting an LCA analysis during the Research and Development phase is challenging, but the results prove instrumental in making informed decisions during the industrialization phase.

Post-processing and finishing treatments for raw mycelium materials involve significant quantities of chemicals, water, and electricity. However, the outcomes may vary depending on factors such as site location, energy type, machinery, and the availability of water treatment plants. To enhance the environmental performance of MY-FI materials, it is essential to consider and optimize these factors. Nevertheless, the scale-up process itself will contribute to further optimizing resource consumption.

In the coming months, SPIN360 will calculate the LCA of mycelium-based materials produced using the dynamic liquid fermentation protocol. Additionally, an Excel tool will be developed to aid in assessing the impact of post-processing and manufacturing processes.