Published On: 03/21/2024Categories: Uncategorized1 min read

As we near the conclusion of the MY-FI project, the final mycelium-based materials are undergoing a comprehensive characterization campaign. These samples, derived from Surface Liquid Fermentation (SLF) and processed using the optimized protocol developed throughout the project, have resulted in dyed and coated materials. Specifically, two variations have been achieved: one coated with Bio-PU and another coated with natural wax. Additionally, laminated versions incorporating cotton and linen have been developed to further enhance mechanical properties. Consequently, four distinct prototypes have been subjected to characterization in this campaign (see Image).

Before starting the characterization process, led by LEITAT, careful consideration was given to selecting the complete list of properties and corresponding standards. This selection was made following technical discussions among partners involved in wet-processing and prototyping, with a focus on improving key properties such as tensile strength and odour.

This final characterization is essential for understanding the properties of the obtained materials and accurately assessing the achieved goals in terms of structural, mechanical, and aesthetic qualities. Therefore, over 25 different standards are being applied for testing each final mycelium-based material.

Although this task is still ongoing and final results are pending, initial findings indicate significant improvements compared to the raw materials, as anticipated.