Published On: 02/26/2024Categories: Uncategorized1.1 min read

We are pleased to announce a significant achievement by MOGU, as they have successfully expanded their bio-fabrication process within the framework of the H2020 MY-FI initiative, resulting in the development of a pioneering raw material derived from fungal fermentation. This innovative breakthrough is strategically positioned to fulfill the exacting performance standards anticipated in both the automotive and fashion industries in the future.

Their progress entailed a rigorous collaboration with mycelium, enabling the fine-tuning of process parameters and the attainment of a crucial milestone – scaling up to a pilot level within their facility. Despite encountering various challenges necessitating numerous adjustments, in 2023 MOGU achieved an important goal. Presently, the bio-fabricated material is undergoing finalization and testing, poised to be prototyped by prominent industrial entities.

The integration of state-of-the-art technology with sustainable methodologies has been central to MOGU’s endeavors. This accomplishment not only underscores MOGU’s dedication to environmental stewardship but also implies a significant advancement in the exploration of conscious alternatives for sectors that propel global innovation.

As we transition into the subsequent phases of prototyping and industrial collaboration, rigorous assessments will be conducted to evaluate the material’s compatibility with the requirements of the automotive and fashion industries.

We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey as the MY-FI project continues to redefine the landscape of bio-fabrication, contributing to a more innovative world.