Published On: 10/08/2021Categories: Uncategorized0.6 min read

The H2020 MY-FI project stands to develop and optimize processes to produce an innovative and sustainable biobased material, derived from mycelium.

Mycelium is the vegetative part of fungi. It can be grown on various organic material, allowing the valorisation of residues and substrates deriving from other industries. Through fungal fermentation, mycelium can be produced and processed into micro-fibres, which have several applications in the textile, fashion, automotive, and luxury industries.

MY-FI will empower these sectors in transitioning towards increased sustainability by supporting the optimization of the mycelium-based material and production. This will allow meeting costumers’ demands for new functional and sustainable products. In addition, MY-FI will engage various stakeholders and policy makers in supporting the biobased sector.

Further updates will follow very soon.