Published On: 11/12/2021Categories: Uncategorized0.7 min read

On Oct 28, 2021, MY-FI consortium members got together virtually for the 1st year General Meeting. The 14 partners attended this online meeting to exchange updates about project advancements. While the road towards biofabricated mycelium-based materials is still long, some interesting results are already coming in. The testing of different mycelium production methods showed promising figures for some growth media both in terms of yield and characteristics. Experiments are also being carried out on different processing and finishing techniques, while upscaling activities and sustainability assessment are still in their initial phase.

In addition, the 1st  in-person technical meeting was held in Varese on Nov 10, 2021 (see picture) within Mogu’s facility. During the next year, similar workshops will be frequently held to foster a coordinated effort towards the development of a mycelium-based revolution.

We will keep you posted!