Published On: 02/21/2022Categories: Uncategorized0.8 min read

Mycelium, the vegetative part of fungi, is a promising material characterized by a precious, soft structure and a velvety touch. One main challenge faced as part of the MY-FI project is to stabilise and improve the mechanical properties of raw mycelium materials, to develop products that meet the respective requirements of the automotive and fashion industries. Scientists and researchers from FILK, ITECH, LEITAT, AITEX and Tannerie de Periers are currently working on enhancing tensile and tear strength, colour fastness, and surface characteristics. The use of sustainable products to improve mycelium properties is one key objective addressed by MY-FI, as currently being researched and developed by the consortium partners.
Our approach targets a near future, where innovative products will need to comply to stringent standards in relation to their environmental footprint and to their overall sustainability profile. At MY-FI, we trust that working with mycelium will allow identifying truly responsible and fully effective solutions resonating with the rhythms and functioning of the larger ecosystem.