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A crucial activity to ensure an effective exploitation of MY-FI results is the landscape analysis for mycelium-based fabrics. Such analysis allows approaching the existing and developing market addressed by the outcomes of the project. Business Landscape Analysis include several steps where information is gathered, processed, and analyzed. The analysis is performed following precise steps:

1. Analysis of market trends, where information related to the market such as market share and market strategy is collected and used as comparison features.

2. Competitor analysis, which includes the identification of competitors active in the area, their offers and strategic partnership, the marketing channels, and the Intellectual Property protection. In addition, for each competitor, a detailed SWOT analysis is performed for further investigations.

3. Benchmark analysis, which is carried out considering the functionality and the characteristic of the competitors’ products, the level of competition (Brand, Industry, Form and Generic competition), and the maturity level.

4. Porter’s Five Forces Model, which identifies the source of competition in each industrial sector by analyzing five competitive forces that shape every industry and helps determine an industry’s weaknesses and strengths.

The global analysis will lead to important outcomes that will give a great opportunity to step up in the market, defining the strategy to be followed to achieve the differentiation, ensuring at the same time the IP protection of MY-FI inventions.