Published On: 07/12/2022Categories: Uncategorized0.7 min read

In recent months, the MY-FI project focused on the optimization of the biofabrication process for mycelium-based materials.

In particular, in order to guarantee the project success, it is necessary to ensure high quality standards of the raw material, from an aesthetic and technical point of view, to match needs from the automotive, fashion and leather industries.

With this purpose, our partner MOGU was able to match the study of biological pathways with mycelium-based biofabrication processes.

These interventions resulted also in the optimization of production times.

Thanks to operating procedures and controlled environmental parameters, the mycelium mats have become more substantial, by increasing in thickness and density. The cleanliness and the homogeneity of the material have improved as well, resulting in agile handling and fine aesthetics.

The future months will be crucial to understand and define the most suitable process to treat our new biofabricated mycelium-based materials.