Published On: 10/10/2022Categories: Uncategorized1.2 min read

After almost two years of hard work, we are proud to share with you the first official My-Fi project video

We managed to gather some brief interviews from four of our consortium partners, explaining their role within the H2020 European project:

  • Mogu, the my-fi project coordinator, is an Italian startup exploring the potential of mycelium-based technologies in diverse application sectors, developing a range of materials with different performances. Within MY-FI, Mogu is responsible for the establishment of a surface liquid fermentation protocol and a dynamic liquid fermentation protocol to produce mycelium fabrics.
  • Filk a German company with a long-lasting expertise in leather and artificial leather production, processing, and characterization. Within the H2020 project, the company is responsible for the development of technological solutions to improve the mycelium technical properties, such as mechanical and chemical performances.
  • Bond Factory , an innovative Italian company working close to technologies manufacturers in order to re-characterize machinery and technology to use for textile fabrication or their up-cycling. For the MY-FI project, Bond Factory is responsible for the development of a performance index of mycelium fibre and for the production of a set of prototypes for luxury application.
  • SPIN360, an Italian company offering advanced and innovative services, promoting sustainable business models and innovation in international fashion, design, and other markets. The MY-FY project represents an opportunity to evaluate the impact of mycelium-based materials in a life cycle perspective.