Published On: 11/02/2022Categories: Uncategorized0.8 min read

From October 24th to 26th, France Croco hosted the fifth MY-FI technical meeting and the third General Meeting in the fabulous city of Bayeux, in Normandy.

These days offered to each partner the opportunity to finally meet in presence, having the chance to understand the post processing activities carried out by France Croco and applied to MY-FI project samples.

Projects partners shared a common vision on the next steps of the project, distributing tasks to be performed to optimize wet processing steps, to test the biodegradability of the samples, and to proceed with LCA and LCC data collection. Mycelium-based prototypes have been shown, allowing each partner to touch and feel the material, incredibly improved from previous attempts. Further feedbacks from industrial partners have been collected. This moment was helpful to take decisions for further outlooks.

Moving forward, additional technical workshops have been planned to support technical partners in the optimization of recipes and processes for the development of innovative materials based on mycelium fibers.

We will keep you posted.