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The fashion industry is based on products with a short life cycle and inadequate end-of-life management, leading to a major challenge regarding the sustainability of the sector.

From a survey promoted by McKinsey in 2019, in which several companies were asked to identify key aspects of sustainability, it emerged that the top-ranked area for action was the selection of sustainable materials. Recent market announcement confirmed this trend with a specific interest on mycelium-based materials.

Mycelium fibres represent a new class of materials that can compete and gain huge market by allowing brands to create novel products that can meet the rising market demands for sustainable, functional and biobased materials.

Bond Factory focuses on the realization of a procedural path in line with the European objectives based on the use of less toxic, more sustainable materials and the creation of zero waste for prototype.

These activities were developed for the research and the realization of the first tests for the use of thermo-welding, digital printing techniques, laser and automatic cutting, and 3D prototyping.