Published On: 07/18/2023Categories: Uncategorized0.9 min read

At MY-FI we are well aware of how scalability represents a turning point for innovations, and we commit to systematically pursue impact by scaling our biofabrication processes into viable materials that create value, at scale.

Indeed, MOGU has implemented a pilot scale production in its facilities in Inarzo (VA), Italy, where mycelium panels are grown by means of static liquid fermentation, maximizing vertical space, and thus drastically reducing the land use. After just one year, the innovation has been scaled from lab to pilot, and this is just the first step of the roadmap to maximize the impact of the innovation.

On the other hand, the project is also responding to the needs of the market, which is demanding for larger dimensions for a more effective manufacturing phase. The MY-FI project is testing and validating 1 sqm panels throughout the whole biofabrication and transformation process.

MY-FI has created the preconditions for scaling effectively and prepare the ground to expand the presence and the use of the innovation in order to unlock its value.