Published On: 07/28/2023Categories: Uncategorized1.2 min read

As part of the MY-FI consortium, France Croco Tannery (KERING Group) contributes to the industrialization of the innovative mycelium-based material.

This research program perfectly fits with the KERING Group values and ambitions which are to espouse groundbreaking solutions and processes leading to the mainstream adoption of sustainable practices. The Group is committed to transparently sharing its knowledge using an open-source approach, well suited to fostering results-oriented ideas and new talent.

Through collaboration with startups and academia, Kering develops new sourcing solutions and innovative raw materials. Disruptive innovation makes use of biotechnologies and circular economy principles, such as using recycled fibers to create new garments.

For the MY-FI project, after several testing with regular drums, usually employed for the leather tanning process, it became necessary to find alternative solutions for mycelium material’s post processing processes. Due to their specific characteristics and needs, a special reactor has been designed and used to provide a very gentle yet efficient mechanical action. This new type of processing vessel developed by the Company BLUEWATER DRUMS TECHNOLOGIES allows for optimum water and energy consumptions, hence optimizing the environmental footprint of this virtuous production for an optimum Life Cycle Analysis.

In these last months, France Croco is testing the post processing protocol with a considerable batch of biofabricated panels obtained through Surface Liquid Fermentation. The resulting finished materials will be then used for testing the manufacturing processes.